Reform our Sentencing Laws and Prison’s as it relates to our Youth!

From The Cellblock to the Streets
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The Clothing line owners and Streetwear Designers

Clothing line owners

Melvin Delgado

T-Shirt Designer

Jay Vazquez

About Us

The T-Shirt Designers

Me (Melvin Delgado)  and my partner Jay Vazquez are part of a group of prisoners who have been sentenced to LIFE in prison and who have been serving at minimum 20 plus years for crimes that were committed as young teenagers. Therefore you can literally say we were MADE IN PRISON! We at MADE IN PRISON have been labelled, locked and castaway as incorrigible, irredeemable and SUPER PREDATORS by our Lawmakers and the whole Criminal Justice System! We at MADE IN PRISON refuse to let any bad choices that we made as kids define who we are and who we have become. We are the role models, the mentors, the spiritual leaders, the teachers to those who are currently in prison and will go home some day! We at MADE IN PRISON are fighting against Lawmakers, Judges and Prosecutors who have unlimited budgets and don’t want to Reform our Sentencing Laws and Prison’s as it relates to our Youth! We are MADE IN PRISON! Bringing Streetwear to the Streets, rise above all street fashion using our designs. From cell block to the Streets Come and join Us and make a change!!!